Senator ted stevens (R-Alaska) home raided by FBI and IRS

The “culture of life” GOP has apparently given us yet another “dukster” moment. Alaska Senatore ted stevens home was raided by the feds today. It looks like old ted sold out for some lumber and plywood. The story as I understand it is that ted tried to renovate his piece of junk A-frame outside of Anchorage. He so botched the job, he called some friends from an oil services company called Veco. The good folks at Veco came in and added a second floor and made a silk purse out of steven’s pigs ear at no cost to the Senator. (about 180 grand worth of “help”) His son is under investigation for accepting bribes from them as well. Senator Lisa Murkowski is under investigation for a shady real estate deal. Alaske Rep Don young is also in hot water and under investigation by the feds.

I remember back a while ago, stevens had a gaggle (murder?) of big oil execs testifying before a senat committee. He went ape-shit when MY Senator Maria Cantwell insisted they be placed under oath. Old ted wet his grampers when she wouldn’t give up. THAT was a hint as to where the slimy senator’s loyalties lie. Big oil is as big in Alaska as it is in texas. And just as greasy too.