Scooter skates, are we surprised?

I guess bush thought this would be the best time to spring the lying traitor scooter libby. This is a long holiday week, we are all thinking about brots and steaks, paris hilton is still distracting people and after all the prosecutor is a big liberal hell-bent on destroying all that gawd wants bush to do in his holy name amen. And those darn activist judges being unfair to a true hero like scooter. Not to mention the unfair sentence heaped on poor scooter by all those liberals picking on him. After all, there was no crime in the first place because Ms Plame was just a secretary at CIA, NOT a secret agent or a spy…..right?

Wrong. Virtually everyone involved in scooter’s trial were republican. The prosecutor was appointed by bush , the judge was appointed by regan, the appeals court was largely made up of GOPer judges. The sentence given by the judge in this case exactly met the guideline for the felonies scooter was convicted of. This whole trial was the result of a criminal referral sent to the justice department by CIA after Ms Plame was outed by the administration to get back at her husband for…..wait for it… telling the TRUTH about the BS cheney et al was spreading to work us poor schmuck citizens into a paranoid frenzy at the run-up to the Iraqi shock&awe.

So what has the result of scooter and the rest of their treason been? First and foremost, we are now blind in the middle east and asia in matters of “nookyuler” proliferation. The brass-plate energy company Brewster Jennings the CIA spent decades building and the front used by Ms Plame to travel abroad and look for the weapons bush/cheney profess to be so concerned about is dead. And God only knows how many assets recruited by CIA have been arrested and tortured to death as a direct result of these bastard’s actions. How do they think this affects CIA’s ability to recruit other assets if they can be exposed on a political snit by our “leaders”?

Politically, the administration won’t be affected at all by bush setting scooter free. When you are at the bottom of the barrel anyway, this won’t make any difference. The twenty five percent who continue to support these creeps will continue no matter what. The rest of us who live in the reality-based community aren’t shocked or surprised by this outrage. We’re numb like bush’s skull.