Poor wolf. First dick, now Mike

The blitzer on CNN got his ass handed to him by Micheal Moore. Check it out here.Poor little puppy wolf. First he asks deadeye dick a real question and gets a satanic glare from evil dick that almost made him cry. KEEERIST! I would sniffle too if I pissed off someone as evil and scary as dirty dick. What got Mr Moore’s dander up was a report from some ass kissing shill CNN hangs out when they need to be propped up whenever someone challenges their “medi-corp INC” moneybag “sponsors”. Micheal went postal on the pussy-puppy because the mainstream media is obviously bought and paid for by the corporate interests that pay for the ads. In return FOR those payments, they control content. Micheal pointed that out and poodle boy tried unsuccessfully to dodge and weave, but Micheal would have none of it. Then the immigrant hating piece of scum Lou Dobbs got his smart-ass shot at Moore (after he was off-air of course) leaving no doubt that lou is also a coward and a liar like the rest of the fox-envy crew on ALL cable pundit shows that try to pass themselves off as news.

This country is hungry for truth and ALL TV news is starving us to death. The fluff and op-ed that they try desperately to convince us is fact is no longer having the desired effect. Conkite,Murrow, and Brinkley must be vomiting to see what has happened to journalism in our country. I USED to run to my TV to watch the news so I would be informed. THEN I would watch to be entertained. NOW I don’t even bother to watch anymore because it’s boring and transparent. I also find that I am suspicious of ALL news outlets.There are a couple radio shows I still put my faith in because I haven’t caught them in a lie.

Bottom line is that Micheal Moore has been proven right and ALL cable news shows have been proven either wrong, or just plain liars. And they DARE to smirk like bush on a drunk at his work. Hey wolf,lou and all the rest, can you pronounce the word credibility?