karl rove, genius? Or damn dirty traitor,thief and liar?

I guess it’s because rove got a worthless piece of texas bullflop elected president twice that lots of pundits refer to karl rove as a genius. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to win by cheating, it takes a pathological liar and thief who will resort to ANYTHING to win. It doesn’t hurt to be an evil sociopath. Voter caging is just ONE tactic that the roveian machine resorts to. Other cheap tactics include things like the “not too swiftboat liars for bush/cheney”. Get a bunch of Kerry/Democrat haters who will lie about the service of their fellow combat veteran in the most vile, well funded campaign ever waged by a group of supposed patriots against a veteran. One need not look farther than roves first fray into the political arena to know how this rat was going to turn out. He planted a mic in his office, invited the press in to film it, blamed Democrats without proof and got away with it.

No, rove is no genius, he’s just a garden variety cheater. He has been subpoenaed by congress to testify about his illegal activities. Good luck getting anything close to the truth out of him.Truth is a foreign concept to this reptile.