FEMA doing a heck of a job……for private business

Despite the fact that there were thousands of rental housing units available (rich developers want them) FEMA thought the best way to deal with the victims of Katrina was to spend billions on cheap travel trailers and stick the “underprivileged” untermench in them and leave them there. As the link mentions, the cheaply and hastily made trailers are wafting with formaldehyde fumes 75 times allowed by people who work around the toxic gas. Some smartass from the industry lobby said that someone should show the untermench how to operate the window and just air them out. Asshole. These things bake in the Louisiana sun and the chemicals are supposed to be cooked out of them in the manufacturing process. But that might have slowed the profit. The way this was done is typical of how the GOP does everything. Find a crony in the business, give them no-bid contracts, when they screw up the job, cover it up and bitch about how the liberals hate private business and blame the victim. Read about it here. Republicans always blabber about how government can’t do anything right and we should privatize everything. They are half right. THEY can’t govern because they HATE government that benefits anyone but major corporations. When businesses are given free taxpayer money without oversight or accountability, they don’t give a rat’s ass about the product OR the people harmed by it’s use.

Fema’s main concern is to cover it’s ass by trying to hide the tests that showed the gasses in the damn tin toxic boxes could make people sick or dead. FEMA didn’t give a shit about the diseases citizens were getting from the formaldehyde. They were worried about their liability. They let people keep living in the trailers knowing they were being poisoned.God damn the GOP and their corporate profit uber alles way of running (ruining?) government. Their mission is to destroy people’s faith in the agencies that are mandated to help people in time of need. Mission accomplished.