Dub won’t budge

Both the Senate and House judiciary committees have issued subpoenas to the whole executive branch. Including the White House, the vice (and I DO mean vice) president’s office, the department of justice, the national security agency and others. Read about it here
. The mule-in-chief continues his disdain for the rule of law based on the old tired “executive privilege” argument. His dick even tried to deny that he is part of the executive branch. His mouthpiece claims that in order to function and execute (literally) his duties, bush needs un-fettered advice from his minions.Like what? How to lie us into a war to enrich his cronies and make it sound like GAWD wants us there? Who do you suppose he is spying on? Just anti-war groups? Democrats? Republicans? YOU?

The problem with the privilege line is that Congress is investigating a crime. The law trumps privilege. The supreme court told nixon that, and it still applies. This is STILL the United States of America, NOT the personal property of bush and dick. A constitutional crisis looms on our horizon. Only a fool like bush would let it come to this. I guess it’s up to us to call our congress-critters and let them know we support the committees work. If they think we don’t care they will (as usual) do nothing.