bush in a bubble within a bubble

Our dear leader has started inviting people to assess the damage his administration has wrought. He doesn’t listen to the American people, congress or his own staff, so he needs the opinions of people he trusts to prop his own enormous ego. A WaPO story tells us of his meetings with scholarly types to ask how history will judge “what they have done”. He asks if the whole world hates the United States or just him. The short answer from a NON-scholarly type like me? It’s just you bush, they hate you and everything you have done to the world and everyone you stubbornly hang on to out of your ignorant sense of loyalty.

This imbecile-in-chief doesn’t care what anyone in the country thinks, he’s serene. He has his preacher friends telling him that he is unaccountable to anyone but the “lord”. No wonder he’s “serene”, I would be too if I didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thought of me. But he was raised like that. He was taught to be cold-blooded by his reptile drunken mother. His grandfather didn’t care what anyone thought of him either while he was convicted of helping hitler build his war machine.

Just remember that anytime ANY of the goons in the administration are jabbering about anything, they don’t care what you think. THEY rule us and gawd only knows what they have in store for us. It is a bit disturbing to think of bush as serene. It’s almost like he knows about something we don’t. It’s almost like he has some way to stay in power past ’08. Hmmmmm.