Battle of the beauties

Our dumbed-down supposedly liberal press has been concentrating on the presidential race of ’08 in meaningful ways again as usual. All the fluff stuff has been put aside to concentrate on all the important issues like John Edwards haircuts.The cable news shows,talk radio and print media have had a field day calling him a pretty, rich, hypocritical “trial lawyer” who made himself rich screwing doctors and the poor picked on corporations who only want to make life better for themselves. LOTS of things have been attributed to John Edwards and other trial lawyers, here’s one famous story that is just plain bullshit. In reality, Edwards HAS sued hot tub manufacturers who knowingly produced products whose drain systems have sucked little kids intestines out through their rectums. Poor corporations always being sued out of business by greedy lawyers.

Now mitt (who the HELL names their kid after a baseball glove? What did HE name HIS son, nut cup?!) spends taxpayer and campaign money a LOT more carefully…..ON MAKEUP!Old mitt is rich too. He is worth over 350 MILLION stinkin dollars cashing in on wheelin and dealin other people’s money.Of course ,that’s what we have NOW a schmuck who was going to run “his” government like a business. BUT bush didn’t mention that business model was enron.Mr sexy guy mitt has a couple things going for him that John Edwards doesn’t. Notably, he has a LOT of LDS money, mormen give to people they think stand for their “values“.Sexxy-guy mitt also has his magic mormon underpants to protect him from all things.So mitt has a LOT going for him. Mormon money,sexy guy makeup,(taxpayer provided of course) the magic underpants AND the press. The press HATES Edwards, and LOVES mitt. They get a kick out of calling John the “breck girl” but give phony romney a pass on lying about choice and his fetish with Max Factor.I can see russert now” how did you get to BE such a manly man Governor romney?” Or Mathews spitting up a storm,” You smell like English Leather AND Aqua Velva you man-stud”. GAWD it’s pathetic!

I’m not sure WHO I support for president yet. ONE dang thing is for sure though. I don’t care if the next president has hair like Larry of the three stooges.I don’t care if they have a face like a schnauzer.I don’t want our government run like a (monkey) business, I want it run like a GOVERNMENT. The neo-tards have HAD their chance to enact their little theory. It has been an un-“mitt-agated” disaster. It’s time for direct adult supervision. We need an adult in charge, not a drunken eight-year-old. Whoever can do THAT will get MY vote.