As if there was any doubt

I had heard a couple blurbs about the upside down stars on the GOPer symbol on the elephant. Apparently after the bush creeps took (and I DO mean took) office in ’00, the stars on their symbol went upside down. The upside down five pointed star is the goat symbol of satan. David and I googled the issue and found this story. Now a caveat. This COULD be a gag site, but I don’t think so. Now given all the secret society rich-kid BS bush has been involved in all his privileged life, a satanic connection wouldn’t surprise me. AND given what these evil bastards have DONE since stealing the White House is even MORE convincing than the stars. Their ownership of the media, the evangelical “leaders” painting jesus as a hating monster and the massive torture and murder of hundreds of thousands for the sake of profit kind of put the stinking icing on the satanic cake for me.

Actions speak louder than words OR symbols. The bush bastards are SCREAMING. Decency does not reside in them. Neither does compassion or mercy. The GOP thrives on hatred and terror, and so does satan. Every time the right-wing speaks I can hear satan cackling with delight. I know several evangelical GOPers. When you actually talk to them, you can hear the putrid hatred of the king of darkness, NOT the prince of peace. Spooky.