So….what’s up with alberto?

I have to admit that I miss Ashcroft. He was so much fun to make fun of. First, he lost his re-election to the Senate to a dead guy. Then I was shocked to see bush appoint him as AG. His first folly was to cover the Lady Of Justice’s bare aluminum breast with a burka.Hilarious! Then he and his fellow christo-faciasts wailing “Let the eagle soarrr,like she’s never soared beforrrrrr”. Good stuff, but mostly harmless. It turns out that he was actually standing the wall against the bushies subjugation of the American people and dub’s shredding of the constitution. Despite being a gotch-eyed right-wing christian supremacist,he understood that this country is based on the constitution NOT rove/bush and the gop.

So bush throws HIM out and appoints sleazy gonzoles. I thought HE would be as much fun to make fun of as Ashcroft, but I was wrong. He turned out to be one of the most evil freaks to ever BE in our government. HE says bush doesn’t have to follow laws passed by congress. HE OKs torture for the first time in American history. HE eliminates habeas corpus and posse cometatus creating an executive dictatorship unprecedented in our history.HE hired inexperienced thirty year old girls to the highest positions in the justice department. HE presided over an exodus of career prosecutors from the DOJ and politicized the whole damn department to cheat in the next election.

NOW they are hanging a BA to the whole country and congress by flouting subpoenas and lying to committees. Monica Goodling was cute as she said that she broke the law but she didn’t mean to. Then Sara Taylor wowed the crowd when she (again, very cute) stated that she took an oath to be loyal to the bush. Yesterday Al testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the hospital coup-de-tat with ashcroft on his death bed was about something other than spying on American citizens and a meeting with the “gang of eight” was just about the illegal spying. Problem is, there’s a paper trail this time. Al was better when he couldn’t remember shit. NOW it looks like the attorney general of the United States is a big stinkin’ liar. Despite it all, bush fully supports him. Of course HE hasn’t exactly comported himself as a paragon of truth either. One thing is glaringly clear. Sleazy gonzales has helped turn this once proud democracy into a banana republic tin-horn dictatorship. It’s time for congress to do it’s job, politics be damned.