State department? Or hate department?

The G-8 conference is always a contentious meeting. But with our “diplomicer-in-chief” running his mouth, the cold war is starting up once again. When Clinton left office, there were for the first time, no Russian missiles pointed at us. NOW Pooty Poot is threatening to point his arsenal at Europe again Read about it here.I have NO idea why we,as Americans would want to deploy a missile defense system that doesn’t work right in a spot where it is guaranteed to cause maximum damage diplomatically. We could ask the State Department, but 1100 career employees have left screaming. We could ask condi, but she’s shoe shopping. I suppose we could ask the corporation who built the damn thing, but I’m SURE that’s a secret.

This should scare the hell out of us but we’ve become so damn numb that we don’t even bother paying attention anymore. ONE thing is certain, we HAVE to do something to stop this idiotic move, because the smoking gun of bush’s diplomatic efforts COULD come as a mushroom cloud.