Starving poor kids with AIDS screwed by bush’s vultures

Just when you think you’ve seen the worst the world has to offer, along comes the guliani/bush/gop vultures. Greg Palast seems to be the only reporter actually reporting news in this country. And HE works for the BBC. This latest below the bottom of the septic tank way of making money will make you wretch. As Randi Rhodes mentioned on her Tuesday show, kiddie porn is more respectable than what these God damn dirty bastards are doing to the poorest people on earth.

Greg Palast reported on a scheme where poor countries faced with debt from banks they can’t repay negociate WITH the banks to pay back say, 4 million of a 40 million dollar loan. This is where the vultures step in. THEY BUY the loans from the banks, take the offending country to court and sue them for the whole amount PLUS interest, profiting tens of millions from the poorest people on earth. One little detail of this rat bastard scheme that SHOULD piss off even the most neo-tard asswipe is that the only money these countries HAVE is in American banks PUT there by congress for education, aids relief and FOOD!!! Read about the whole satanic business here. You can hear Randi’s interview with Mr Palast here.It’s about half way through the “podcast”. Just when you think this horrifying tale couldn’t get worse, you find that BUSH could stop it with one sentence. One stroke of a pen would dedicate the funds congress voted for to feed these kids and give them the AIDS medicine HE said was to God Damn important. BUT the moral christian-in-chief LIKES the donations these slug-slime bastards give to the GOP. I have to go wretch now, but just remember that every time you see rudy on TV, every time you see an ad from the gop, every time you hear the right-wing blather about moral issues, it’s brought to you by dead African kids. *wretch*