Scooter’s off to the can

Well, old scooter’s off to the slam.US District Court Judge Reggie Walton said;“People who occupy these types of positions, where they have the welfare and security of nation in their hands, have a special obligation to not do anything that might create a problem,” before he gave libby two and a half years in a federal pen. Read about it here. Of course, our legal system being what it is, and libby being WHO he is, it could be months or years before scooter sees the inside of the graybar hotel. And there is always the possibility that bush may pardon the lying traitor, God knows I wouldn’t put ANYthing past him. But there is a little un-finished business. Remember that scooter was convicted of LYING about who knew what,when regarding the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame. Mr Fitzgerald couldn’t continue his investigation of that matter because scooter couldn’t tell the same story twice to anyone. Is THAT investigation over? I don’t think so, but who the hell am I? Just a pissed off American who wants accountability from traitors who blinded our intelligence professionals as to who in the middle east has weapons that could kill us and our children.

There was some “expert” trying to find a small bright spot in this libby mess. He basically said that it was really smart that libby didn’t try to testify on his own behalf. He said that judges get really pissed off when someone lies to them and that would have increased his sentence. HA HA HA!! This a-hole was saying that libby is such a dirty stinkin liar that he couldn’t be trusted to testify at his own trial. Pathetic.