Scared stupid……now what?

The American people are proud, brave and independent. We have accomplished and invented things that have changed the world for the better forever. In our history we have defeated the British, a major world power at the time, TWICE. We made it through a civil war that damn near destroyed what the founding fathers fought for. We ended slavery, threw the Spanish out of our (their?)country, beat the crap out of the Germans in WWI, and again along with the Japanese in WWII. We managed to accomplish all that (with minor temporary glitches) while maintaining the rule of law and within the confines of our constitution. THAT made us the envy of the world. We won wars and changed administrations without martial law and with consent of the people. As Al Gore points out in his new book, we are in no more danger NOW from terrorist threats than we have been during the wars and everything else in our history. BUT we are under a de facto martial law. The bush administration has the power to spy on everything we say,read,buy, and listen to without a warrant. HE, or his appointees, can declare anyone in the world even any American citizen an enemy combatant and have them tortured,imprisoned or even executed without any attempt at due process. NOW, he can declare an emergency,which is anything he SAYS is an emergency, and usurp the entire government and do anything he wants to anyone he wants whether WE-THE-PEOPLE like it or not. WE allowed this to happen. Oh,we can blame the gop or even the Democrats, but WE,as a nation, decided that we were so scared,such a bunch of lily-livered cowards we would let bush do anything he wanted. OR were we stupid? Were we so busy shopping and sitting in front of our TVs watching the schlock that flickered before us we didn’t CARE about the takeover of our government?

Americans invented the cotton gin, the telegraph,the telephone,electric lights, airplanes,cars,jazz,and the constitution. We cured polio, built an economic powerhouse, established a real middle class, exported our goods overseas, and had the best standard of living in the history of the world. It’s all gone now. We no longer engage in scientific research because of the “ooga booga” right-wing evangelical fanatics. We don’t MAKE anything here anymore because the fat-boy corporations need to suck every dime of profit out of us no matter the cost to our country.

So what do we do now? The GOPers are scared to death that there are “terrsts” under their beds and bush tells us we WILL be hit again and our children are in danger. The Dems are scared to death that if they say anything about the lies that led us into this quagmire they will be smeared as traitor, “terrst” lovin, America haters. Those of us who pay attention know we can’t depend on the mainstream media to inform the American people.If Democrats (besides the excellent work people like Waxman, Conyers and Lehey are doing) won’t speak up then WE have to.We are members of the blogosphere.We inform and discuss. I broadcast a radio show every week. It’s a start. There are some among us who participate in Democratic politics. The bush monsters frame everything in terms of fear and violence.Liberals have a tendency to be more optimistic.Bill Clinton once said that there is nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed with what is right with America.So what we should DO, is read,write,talk and change things at a local level. Start with a neighbor and spread the word. It’s better to light one little candle than sit and curse the darkness.