rove butt-buddy griffin resigns thanks to Greg Palast’s reporting

Karl rove’s student of dirty tricks tim griffin resigned abruptly today after BBC reporter Greg Palast presented House Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers with emails and caging lists the GOPers stupidly and mistakenly sent to him a couple years ago.You can read all about it here.The cute little (inept) pat robertson law school grad monica goodling testified that griffin had directed caging efforts to disenfranchise minority and poor people, and get this, DEPLOYED SAILORS. This story has the potential to blow the lid off of the whole damn dirty criminal that IS the GOP.

I have been hearing Mr Palast talking about this story for a long time and NO major media has said ONE damn word about it. I watched the news today, cabal AND MSM. Not a whisper. I am going to make an overture to Mr Palast and see if he will grant us an interview. This story is WAY too important to be kept under wraps like this. Any exposure will be helpful. I have Mr Palast’s book Armed Madhouse on CD. It is a magical trip through blunderland. And the most disturbing aspect of all he writes is that it’s all true.