Jefferson, monumental moron?

The news from DC is starting to look like a police blotter. Congressmen William Jefferson was indicted today on more charges than Al Capone. His story is like a Horacio Alger novel. He is the son of a man who dropped out of grade school in the poorest city in the poorest state in the union. Jefferson was bookish and smart and worked his ass off graduating from Harvard Law School. He became the first Black Congressman in his district since reconstruction. I guess he just got caught up in the insanity of power and wealth of DC. That is not an excuse or a reason, just my opinion. I also don’t think he should be cut any slack just because he’s a Democrat or because he’s black. He is a lawyer, so like libby, he can’t claim ignorance.

So now the right-wing bloviators have grist for their smear mill. “Democrats are just as dirty as WE are”. I can hear ’em now. BUT Jefferson’s corruption, as far as we know now, is confined to him alone. This is NOT a system of corruption like the GOP. If there is a bill to oust him from congress, I will call my congressman and ask him to support it. Democrats have to have higher standards that the rats on the right.