Hey Dems! Don’t let the GOP give us a “weggie” again

Well here they go again. The rovien tactic designed to change the subject to deflect the obviously bad news coming at them from virtually everything they have done over the last twelve years. Americans HATE the war in HUGE numbers. They hate bush to the point that in the recent debates, NONE of the GOPukers claim to have ever MET bush. The economy is eating middle America like giant termites. Our foreign policy has the whole world hating our guts and putting us at risk that will take generations to repair.

The bush/rove surgeon general nominee and subsequent confirmation hearings are supposed to make Dems look like gay-loving abortion zealots. The only problem is that a vast majority of us don’t think what two consenting adults DO behind closed doors is any of our business. We are too busy trying to keep our houses and food on the table. That’s a big problem for the GOP. The only thing they have to run their campaign on is sticking their perverted noses into every bedroom and doctors office in the country. Of course the only people who are affected by their intrusive control-freak faith-based pseudo moralistic shredding of the constitution are poor women and gay people.

Consider this. Abortion rights laws (actually a woman’s right to privacy) affect exactly 0% of christian women who get knocked up by their boyfriends or their youth pastors. If they chose to carry the kid to term, there is no law to stop them. The bible belt is tightening around our necks and people are aware of it, and they FEAR it.

Then there is the divisive issue of gay people. First and foremost, gay people are American citizens…period. End of story. The God DAMN bastards in the GOP want to offer more rights to illegal aliens than gay AMERICAN citizens. There are a couple things I like to ask homophobes.I ask them if their wife takes it in the behind. After they stop sputtering, I say that if it’s none of my business, then I ask them why it’s any of THEIR business what other adult citizens do in their bedrooms, then why isn’t any of MY business what they do in theirs.

I keep hearing from my right-wing evangelical friends that being gay is a life-style choice. I ask them “you mean that YOU can CHOOSE whether you get aroused in a locker room? You can get a boner looking at someone’s DICK?!! Jeeze I don’t. Maybe YOU’RE gay.”

We have to assume a few things in the next election. They are going to smear us no matter WHAT we say. So be bold, stop fearing their smear machine,we can’t avoid it. The media is on THEIR side, deal with it. Cable AND network TV is on THEIR side, they will distract us with BS non-news and ignore the real news. It is up to US to do the research and reading, to back up our opinions with facts and TALK to people. BUT don’t waste your time on neo-tards. You can talk to a republican or an independent, but you can’t reason with a tard. They spout talking points and bumper-stickers and won’t listen.

I have a dream. Our little radio show is broadcast from a small family-owned radio station. There aren’t many of them left, but they ARE out there. I dream about a casual almost co-op kind of a network where there is at least ONE left-leaning talk show in every county in the country. Corporations aren’t interested in having opinion contrary to their evil interests, so screw em.Find local talent, call local stations and find out what it would take to get even an hour a week like us to start.

The best way to counter a wedge is with a vise. Stop it before it gets too deep. If the Democratic candidates are too chicken shit to do it, it’s up to us. So be proud, get loud and work the crowd.