Darkside dick the American dick-tator

Old robo-heart dick has decided that he can keep his darkest secrets from us. He won’t allow the national archives to inspect his office.He tried to have their agency abolished without success. Dastardly dick. He doesn’t want his secret service records divulged.Why? We don’t know, so we can only speculate. Maybe he has virgin blood delivered to drink. Vampire dick? Could there be young boys “visiting”? Dirty dick? Jeff guckert/gannon paying a call around midnight? Kinky dick?

dick won’t even divulge who his staffers are.Who works for dick? Saudis? MORE thirty-something evangelical traitors? Who knows? Sneaky dick.NOW, dick claims that he isn’t part of the executive branch of OUR government. So, if he declares that he isn’t part of the executive branch, why should he have a security clearance? Why should he be able to claim executive privilege to keep his energy task force records secret?
We Americans are being spied on in virtually every aspect of our lives and we know it, and accept it however begrudgingly.We are told that if we aren’t doing anything wrong, we have nothing to fear. So what are you afraid of dick? Chicken dick. US? What are you so ashamed of? We can only speculate.