Creepy chris and crazy coulter crush credibility

I have no idea what MSNBC AND good? morning America were thinking. Chris Mathews is weird at best most of the time. When he talks (REEEELY fast) he has to pause occasionally to suck the spittle that collects in the corners of his mouth. It’s annoying. The more excited he is, the more spit he produces. Jeeze, he was talking in gushing terms about how phony fred thompson smells and got so excited that there was a spit rainbow in the studio lights. They must have had to call for a spit cleanup after that show. It was a strange moment on TV, listening to a host practically giggling like a thirteen year old over how a sixty-something year old man smells. Aqua velva,cigar smoke, ben gay and polident chris. Spit alert!

Today chris hosted the scrawny wretch coulter….for an hour. The Senate judiciary committee launches subpoenas at the president, the vice (and I DO mean vice) president and the justice department over the issue of illegal spying on American citizens, GOPer senators are fleeing Iraq like cheney flees from the sun and a Wa Po series depicts how cheney IS the government and mathews the spitter has coulter the wine guzzling chain smoking she-cow on for an hour. That morning it spouted that she hoped John Edwards would be killed by a terrorist and chris wonders how he should READ it. Hey asswipe, you SHOULD have canned the interview on the spot, apologized and entertained the viewers with your spit bubble magic show.

The boney bitch was actually challenged by a call from Elizabeth Edwards. She called in to take issue with the “Ask me about my dead son” bumper sticker slime that ooozed out of wretch’s slime hole. Of course chris spitter let it all go being the weak piece of crap he is. He probably thought it was good TV and thought about all the”buzz” he would get. Wrong a-hole. The only “buzz” your “show” is gonna get is a further slide in the already weak ratings and a complete elimination of any credibility you thought you had.

I don’t take issue with anything the bone in black says because nothing it says is worthy of note. I DO,however, take issue with spit-boy AND MSNBC. Trying to pass verbal ipecac like that as a NEWS show is pathetic. Despite an air of importance and pseudo credibility, the cartoon channel has more viewers at any given time than ALL of the cable “news” networks COMBINED! Today we saw yet another example of just why that is. Piss on chris, I’ve HAD it. I won’t waste my time watching that tripe, and I won’t lose any hair being pissed off about it, NONE of them are worth it.