All “culluds” look alike to fox freaks

The subtle and NOT so subtle racism fox news uses to defame and marginalize people they consider “untermensch” hit the wrong target today, check it out here. They used file film of Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers in a story about indicted and disgraced Democrat Jefferson(D-LA). fox issued a written apology,Congressman Conyers ain’t buyin it.It reminds me of the time they turned disgraced teen aged boy enthusiast Foley from a GOPer into a Democrat. NOW, they can’t POSSIBLY be this stupid, so they HAVE to be doing this crap on purpose. However, they think YOU are stupid enough to fall for it, and I’m willing to bet those who watch that crap ARE and DO fall for it. Like I said, the geniuses at fox can’t possibly be stupid enough to make mistakes like this and countless others, so they HAVE to be doing it on purpose. That means they are liars,damn dirty liars. From bill the bastard’s getting the Malmandy incident exactly backwards….TWICE, to this idiotic “mistake”, to trying to pass partisan pundits off as impartial journalists, fox has done for cable “news” what rumsfeld does for syntax.