A nation “terror-fied”

The “Florida seven”, The “Fort Dix six” and now the numbskulls from New Jersey. These are the breaking news stories that dominate the TV screen for two or three news cycles from time to time. After a while, these breaking news, great victories against the “home-grown” threats just roll our eyes and numb our brains to the REAL threat to our nation’s way of life and even our basic freedom and safety.

The “great victories” have a common thread or two. First, they are always brown,poor people. They are usually Muslims. They are very ambitious in nature, sometimes impossible. We are always supposed to believe that rag-tag groups of people who couldn’t organize a mosh pit could do the impossible with no guns, no plan, no explosives, no money, no backing from alquieda,( I never could remember how to spell it) and without even a God damn box-cutter. These disaffected schmucks are rounded up and used for photo ops and never heard of again. Hell, as little as we Americans pay attention, they could ALL be the same Central Casting pool, where sleazy gonzales calls and requests a few “scrawny,scary-looking A-rabs”.

The latest “plot” was hyped to DEATH by our professional-informative friends in the mainstream media. And the idiotic Federal Prosecutor was breathlessly saying that IF their plan had been allowed to happen it would have made 9/11 look like a Cub Scout weeny roast. The only problem with that statement is it’s a complete lie. Ya see, JP4 is NOT explosive unless it it under pressure and vaporized. The fuel lines these dime-store desperadoes were targeting were under the tarmac or under ground. There are check valves every few yards and it is SO well guarded that James BOND would have a hard time gaining access. This “plot” defied physics and logic, but NOT the imagination of dumb bell feds who can’t find time to do their God Damn homework. The only ones swallowing this bullshit story are the same sycophants who still support bush.

There is another common thread that binds these BS, blundering bombshells. They are ALWAYS saved for a time when the news-cycle might otherwise be directed toward bush’s blunders. This time it was the scooter sentencing, Rove’s butt buddy in Arkansas resigning soon after the caging lists from Greg Palast’s book were given to Rep Conyers and bush weeny wagging at pooty poot.

So far, since 9/11 we have been made to fear shopping malls at Christmas, poison terrst pen guns, shoes, cows, model airplanes,chickens,pigs,shampoo,green leafy vegetables,sinister brown people and Al Gore. So what should we really fear, all that stuff or the recent directive giving bush unmitigated power at will? Just this week,bush has single handedly re-started the cold war arms race …just with his mouth. I guess he never stopped to think that when you start weeny-wagging at Russia, your weeny could wind up radio-active for ten thousand years. NOW I’m really “terror-fied”.