What a peter! (pace, that is)

bush’s Chair of the Joint Chiefs apparently is so inept that he can’t count dead people. OR he IS gotch-eyed and can’t read causality reports. OR he is such a sycophant “bushie” he just pulls stuff out of his ASS (not unusual for a “bushie”) and states it as fact. pace told CBS Early Morning show host Harry Smith that there were over three thousand killed on 9/11. OOOPS, there were slightly LESS than three thousand killed that day, thanks to the first responders. THEN he said that we were rapidly approaching three thousand KIA in Iraq. OOOOPS again. That number was exceeded a long time ago. You can see for yourself here
. SO, which IS it? Is he so damn out of touch that he actually doesn’t KNOW? OR does he have his head so far up bush’s ass he can’t SEE? Which would be more disturbing? Does it matter? How can a guy reach the level of four star general in the Marine Corps and chair of the JCS and make such a stupid statement? Is General pace the “Brownie” of the military establishment? It seems that bush’s “plan” for our military and Iraq is to keep firing generals until he finds those who will do the dark,dirty work of cheney.

The one constant in this mess is bush telling us he listens to the commanders on the ground. He’s right. He listens and then fires, or ignores them if they tell him something he doesn’t like. Maybe General pace can lower the death count by another five hundred. Or a thousand. Or maybe he can tell us that the media made up ALL the deaths and things are reeeely reeely GOOD in Iraq. Is that what he has to tell bush in order to keep his job?

At least seventy percent of the American people know that the death toll is approaching FOUR thousand. I am willing to wager that those are the same people who are against this damn war. This could have been considered a minor slip up by the right wing. BUT, this is the guy who runs the military. Should I be scared?