US Refiners gouging us, there oughta be a law!

I read an article in the Seattle times this morning that really pissed me off. I WOULD post a link to it, but it’s a wall street journal piece and they charge to read their crap online, and the Times scrubbed it from their site. The GIST of it was that refiners are profiting about $30 a barrel for everything they process. THAT means that on most days,depending on the price of crude, over a dollar per gallon you pay at the pump goes directly into the brooks brothers pockets of the fat boys in the industry.Add another buck a gallon in pure profit for the oil corps and you are getting screwed in so many ways, it would make the authors of the kama sutra blush.

This is a tax. Make NO mistake about it, this price gouging is a tax we all pay to the gods of the oil industry. MY GOD! Can you imagine the reaction if the GOVERNMENT imposed a two dollar per gallon tax on gas? There would be millions of citizens in DC demanding heads. Add to that the half trillion dollars bushcorp has stolen from YOU to provide the oil corps with stolen Iraqi oil (see post below) and this situation is beyond stealing and becomes rape. If you add the thousands of American lives lost it becomes treason. The hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi citizens prove war crimes. All for money.

The price of everything that involves petroleum products is going up. Food and clothing is transported by truck, fertilizer is a petroleum product. Plastic and some pharmaceuticals as well as fabrics and foam used in furniture, carpeting and building materials use petro-chemicals.

What can WE do about it? Ask yourself what you would do if congress imposed a two dollar per gallon tax on gas, and then handed out the hundreds of billions to a select few contributors. You would probably be inspired to contact you congress-critter. The best way to do this is a good old fashioned phone call. Emails are deleted before they even GET to DC. Letters are searched for anthrax and trashed. Electeds DO pay attention to a massive amount of phone calls on the same issue. They need more than just money to be re-elected, they need votes. Do it today.