When media and campaign people look at polls, they look at trends. Well, get a load of THESE trends. Bush has been “trending” like a safe full of anvils for over a year now. The reasons? It COULD be because of the economy. Notice how they don’t talk much about more Americans owning their own homes than ever before,and THAT’S because foreclosures are up almost 60% over this time last year. MORE Americans lack medical insurance than ever. The price of milk, food, housing,and virtually everything else has skyrocketed. And Gas. The price of a gallon of gas has quadrupled since the carbon cronies have taken office. More people have confidence that they will be struck by lightning than think bush can fix this mess.And then there is the matter of Iraq. Fully three quarters of Americans are unhappy with the way this mess is being prosecuted. The rove machine have tried nifty slogans like “stay the course”(which has run it’s course) “way forward”, “fight em over there so we don’t have to fight em here” etc,etc. Slogans aren’t working anymore.

I don’t usually holler about Democrats too much here, because that happens at a LOT of other sites. BUT the rats on the right are breaking ranks about the stank of Iraq. SO. I will ask, if not now WHEN Dems? If we can’t challenge bush cheney NOW, when CAN we? I guess it’s time to start calling them and let them know it’s OK to stand firm now, bush is polling lower than castro. I don’t think that funding the war without SOME kind of limit is going to play well with moderate people much less liberals. JESUS, do it NOW! That’s MY advice, for what it’s worth.