The fifth ammendment and the ninth commandment

Bill Moyers is my favorite journalist. He recently did a piece on Regents law school, pat robertsons christian indoctrination camp. It’s only about 16 minutes long and well worth the time, you can see it here.It tells of robertson robots installed in every level and every quarter of our government. The goal of these sycophants? To create a country in the warped image of the voices robertson hears in his head. Once again, I have nothing against what people believe in, whatever blows your skirt up. BUT I have a HUGE problem codifying the most hateful and self-righteous creep in the country’s screwy “interpretation” of scripture into OUR laws.

Let’s take a short trip down the fact path. There was a guy within the whitehouse bowels who had to resign because he had a problem with shoplifting. Monica Goodling is the only senior official to have to plea the fifth amendment in order to avoid prosecution before testifying in front of Congress. She is a thirtythree year old graduate of regents law school. How the HELL does a kid like this get hired in such a senior position in the DOJ, with NO experience except working for a bush campaign smear merchant? The head of hiring ALL personnel within the Justice Department used to TEACH at regent.

There are over one hundred fifty people in the government and military and even the CIA who are evangelical sycophants. Why use evangelicals for these positions? They’re obedient. They do what they’re told without question. They THINK they are serving the lord, when they are being used by the most dark,cynical forces of evil our nation has ever known.

Oh by the way. The ninth commandment states “Thou shall not bear false witness”. Ms Goodling must have missed that little tid bit in bible study, as well as the day they went over the fifth amendment.