The dictator guy,National Security presidential directive

I wrote a post on this issue a couple weeks ago, but I think it bears repeating. Here’s a link to an article in The Progressive Magazine about the greatest power grab in American history. Here’s a direct link to the White House site and the “presidential directives”. As the mainstream media give us police chases, anna nichole smith going stiff, calling Dems hypocrites, blah blah, they have completely ignored this massive power grab.

If you take a look at how these things are written, it gives the president the opportunity to circumvent ALL laws and ALL federal,state and local authorities as well as congress and the courts for ANYthing that happens ANYwhere. All of this done without advise OR consent from the people’s representatives in congress.

If the “terrsts” don’t scare you, if the horrible economy doesn’t scare you, if the boogerman doesn’t scare you THIS should damn well scare you. If you don’t call your congress-critter about the war,the patriot act, NSA spying, or anything else, call them on this. This “directive” is literally an armed government take-over of our country who have already shown us a thousand times that they have NO concern for our safety or well-being.