Taxpayers getting “pumped” by jeb bush. Just like his brother

The AP reporter Cain Burdeau wrote a piece that made do a spit take with my coffee this morning.Traci had told mt that although the Army Corps of Engineers were re-building the levies in NOLA, the pumps they used were incapable of doing the job. Last hurricane season, the gulf coast dodged a bullet, it was a very calm season. It turns out that IF there HAD been a major storm, New Orleans would have been underwater again. This is because the water pumps were contracted to a company (HUGE donors of the GOP of course) called Moving Water Industries INC.This is also a company that employs JEB BUSH!!!

The Corps used specific passages from MWI’s catalog INCLUDING typos to bid the contract.MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars spent and the God Damn things don’t WORK, putting the folks that are left there in worse peril than they were before Katrina…. ON PURPOSE! HOW DARE THEM! We ALL know that the bush family, ALL of them are thieves, liars and traitors, but THIS is beyond the pale. This contract was obviously rigged to benefit a friend of bush. The armed thugs hired to provide security for NOLA were paid BILLIONS, and ALSO a friend of bush/cheney corp.

Oh well, they are digging up some A-hole’s yard in Aruba, the Anna Nichole kid is flying to the US, a Madam is naming names and the Whitehouse is shaking in their (latex?) boots. Nobody cares about NOLA, it has become the cash cow and the red-headed stepchild of the United States. We better START caring, we are one disaster away from becoming the NEXT NOLA. GOD DAMMIT!!