Spit-hair wolfowitz is going down

Yet ANOTHER crony bush has confidence in is resigning in disgrace. Hole -in two (socks) Paul will be leaving his post as president of the World Bank reeeely soon because he got a bunch of money for his ugly girlfriend. Once again there is more to the story. It seems that the old story of bringing along his with him to the new job, ignoring or ridiculing the career employees, and for just being an asshole. (Big surprise there) Even bush is ready to pull the paul plug. BUT bush STILL has confidence in spit-hair paul. That statement by bush (I have confidence in…) is the kiss of death. As I recall the last few folks who bush has had confidence in have wound up under the bus. Watch you back wolfie, bush has confidence in ya.

UPDATE The wapo (I’m not posting a link because of their idiotic registration/sign-in process) reports that wolfie demanded a statement that he was innocent of wrongdoing and completely ethical from the world bank execs. They were so desperate to dump him, they capitulated.BUT the bank employees are toasting each other with champaign, laughing and chanting. Here’s yet ANOTHER bush disaster. Jeeze, virtually everything bush has touched has wound up as a disaster. Who’s bushcorp going to suggest as a replacement? Chalbi the slobby has only been convicted for embezzelment in ONE country, maybe HE would be a stupid enough choice….RIGHT?