Oil missing from Iraq???? Really???!!!

Imagine my shock when I read this article this morning. Golly, ya mean oil is missing from Iraq due to theft and corruption? I almost did a spit-take with my coffee I was so surprised. You don’t suppose the fact that cheney appointed chalabi the slobby as oil minister could have anything to do with it do ya? You remember chalabi don’t ya? He was in charge of the Iraqi National Congress that cheney was paying millions of taxpayer dollars to provide the lies that cheney used to lie us into this damn mess in the first place. You know, that convicted thief ,the one they flew in to Iraq to dance around the statues after the mission was accomplished. THAT chalabi the slobby. I can’t believe that HE would steal revenue from anyone, after all he was only convicted ONCE for stealing billions from a bank. What, now he’s marked for life?
Not to mention, the bush gang has been SOOO effective at rebuilding Iraq and has made SOOOO much “progress” with the stabilization of the country,this is just another mis-understanding. I’m SURE there must be some little clerical error somewhere.

This article appeared on page A-3 of my paper. It would seem that a bombshell like this would be a bit more important than the shit that poses for news these days. Not that any of US who pay attention consider this as a surprise,but it IS kinda important and validates what we have known for so long. That this whole mess is about money. Period.