Nutty Newty’s advice to GOP prez candidates: SAY NOTHING

While listening to Randi Rhodes today,she played a clip of nutty newty on a Sunday chat show. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Basically, he said that they can’t talk about Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed,the US attorneys or bush.


ALL of those things were CAUSED and ESCALATED by his beloved GOP, they have used ALL of them against Democrats and it ALL blew up in their face. They can’t blame Democrats for their own mess THEY created, so they just shouldn’t talk about it. That DOES leave them several things to talk about though. Abortion, but the have had control of the entire government for six years and have done nothing about it.

They could talk about condoms and Mexicans, but there are more Mexicans in this country than before the Spanish/American war on THEIR watch. And guys like McCain don’t know which end of a condom goes where and the rest of the knotheads can’t SAY the word or they fear going to hell. So all they have left is the good old BS about family values. I can’t WAIT to hear THAT old line coming from heretics like newty,who was cheating on his wife with a mistress,divorced his wife, married the mistress…TWICE!

Rat-mouth rudy was porking his cousin divorced her, married someone else, announced he was divorcing HER at a news conference,tried to move him and his mistress into the Mayors mansion while his soon-to be ex-wife was still living there with the children. JEEZE, can’t wait. ANYWAY, get a load (pant load) of THIS crap, he’s funnier than bush.