monica uses the “C” word

In her sweet, little girl voice,monica goodling testified under oath with limited immunity before the House Judiciary Committee today. She said a LOT whether she realized it or not. Goodness knows she was trying to say nothing. She hemmed and hawed and couldn’t remember a lot of stuff, but because she is inexperienced and not very bright, she shed a LOT of light into the inner workings and total breakdown and extreme incompetence within OUR justice department. All this during a time of war, as the administration loves to point out.

This thirty three year old Regent law school graduate told the committee when asked about her qualifications to hire and fire federal prosecutors that she was the student body president of the student body at collage and she worked opposition research for the RNC for six months during the ’04 election. This stellar resume qualified her for a senior position in the DOJ. This fine legal mind responded that she might have crossed the line when considering the political party of a prospective career lawyer a few dozen times. When prodded as to whether she crossed the line and broke civil service laws she said FINALLY that she did but she didn’t mean to. JESUS. What the hell kind of answer is that for a lawyer. She didn’t mean to. She sounded more like a little kid trying to avoid a spanking,than an experienced lawyer trying to avoid going to prison for obstruction of justice.

The most stunning part of her testimony occurred when she said that when she was working for rove’s butt-buddy tim griffin at RNC that they did opposition research and CAGING and stuff. I heard that when I was listening to Thom Hartman today. He’s the only one that I am aware of that picked up on that HUGE little word. Ya see, caging is illegal. AND the RNC has been under sanctions since the eighties for illegally caging voters off the rolls.Every single instance of caging is voter fraud. When asked if she could define voter caging, she vaguely described junk mail lists “and stuff”. She is so inept, she couldn’t even say if it is illegal or not. It is. griffin is now the US attorney for the state of Arkansas. JESUS.

This poor kid is cute but not very bright. She had extraordinary power, but very little knowledge of the law. She is VERY loyal, but NOT to the country, but to bush. She went hysterical when this whole damn dirty thing came apart. I guess you can uncheck the”works well under pressure” box on her next job app.

I don’t know how the HELL a kid like this gets placed into a position of such power with so little experience or ability. But then again, I DO know. She is a bushie. A classic bushie. Blindly obedient, incompetent, inexperienced, and will resign in a heartbeat and get thrown under the bus for the team. She promised to serve the lord when she was at robertson’s “law school”. She must think bush is lord. GAWD help us.