Mistakes were made

No kidding. “Mistakes were made” is the latest slogan for the entire administration. It’s become a rallying cry. As I sat down to post this morning, there was “breaking news” on MSNBC. The bush administration says that “mistakes were made” but not enough to fire wolfowitz from the world bank job. First, this has more to do with the wolfman bringing his cronies with him and ignoring the career people in the world bank and running the institution with an iron fist causing a great deal of intimidation. Not to mention spit-hair paul got his ugly girlfriend a 400% raise (maybe she could afford to buy him some new socks) BUT, the big deal that isn’t mentioned much in the press is that he also got her a HUGE security clearance. Why the HELL does some broad of middle-eastern decent need that kind of access to our countries deepest secrets.

Need a gloss-over statement to shut up the press? Just say “mistakes were made”.Completely botch the occupation of a country you invaded for no apparent reason?Mistakes were made. Illegally fire a bunch of federal prosecutors for political reasons? Mistakes were made. Run our country’s debt to a point where it will take generations to pay back? Mistakes were made.

The one thing that doesn’t get mentioned much is that “Mistakes have consequences”. Hmmmm. Mistakes have consequences? There should be accountability for mistakes? The media doesn’t bring THAT concept up at all.