McCain goes nuts

John McCain went nuts on a fellow GOPer senator while talking about the immigration bill. He went off in a foul-mouth blast of intemperance insiders say is all too common in the supposedly soft spoken demeanor he tries to display on the Sunday morning chat shows. A recount of his blow-hole can be seen here. I had a co-host who used to say he would follow McCain into hell might just get his wish. I don’t usually hold phrasing like “chicken shit’ or “fuck you” against a politician. However, McCain is a falwell butt licker. He’s supposed to be more moral than us mere mortals. He has shown that he lacks the judicious temperament to BE president. When he gets riled up he loses control of his mouth. He can’t take criticism without going nuts. I can’t imagine him in a position of such awesome power as in charge of the American military. I’m not surprised that his potty-mouth express campaign is falling like cheney’s approval rating.