Lonesome cowboy George

Well, he did it. bush vetoed the Iraq accountability bill. That bill contained MORE money for the Iraqi occupation by FAR that the dimwit in chief requested. It ALSO contained money for healthcare for our returning wounded soldiers, base housing for their spouses, Veterans benefits, KATRINA victims,(FINALLY!!!) aid to farmers who have been devastated by drought and agri-biz, and hundreds of other items the GOPer congress FAILED to fund.

At the recent GOP prez candidate regan-fest, bush was mentioned ONCE and that was just in passing. When the GOPers long for the days when the national debt quadrupled, missiles were stolen and sold to IRAN,drug money was laundered through Saudi Arabia, cocaine use in poor neighborhoods skyrocketed, working people were under constant attack, and the president took a nap you KNOW things are haywire.

Bush’s poll ratings are lower than a snake fart in a wagon rut. As a matter of fact, his job approval rating is at it’s lowest point since ’01. The GOP is running away from the stupid and stubborn one faster than they did from Tom Foley. It’s lonely at the top of the heap. Especially when it’s a DUNG heap.