Holy dictator commander guy!!

Mirth from Liberally Mirth and I were chatting online last night when she informed me that there has been a VERY quiet change in how disasters in this country are managed via executive order. Read this little article and then think about bush/cheney with unfettered dictatorial power. Oh sure, many will say they have that ability NOW. But this is different.Think about the next election. Say that the results are NOT to bushcorp’s liking. Suddenly they rig up some kind of detonation in DC. An emergency is declared and they actually implement this vile “plan”. The election would be moot, people all across the country are rounded up and placed in the detention centers that Halliburton is building as we speak. Martial law is declared and Roger Ailes is put in charge of “communications”. Because of the USA Patriot act, there are NO civil liberties OR right of Habeas Corpus. All of those little things that have happened over the last few years that we didn’t care about because WE were concentrating on American Idol or the Aruba bimbo story. NOW, it’s ALL happening at once. Congress is moot, law enforcement is federalized, the press is jailed and “domestic-dissenters” are placed into bush’s concentration camps.

Does all this sound far-fetched? Well who would have ever thought the US would engage in torture? Who would have ever thought elections could be stolen right out from under our noses?Did you ever think you would see a day in this country where American citizens were eaten by alligators in a major American city while storm destroyed homes would sit for years boarded up?

Outwardly, bushcorp appears like they couldn’t organize a mosh pit. But when you think about the events of the last few years, the deck has slowly been stacked against the American people like never before.AND, cheney got away with his “energy policy” meetings with no oversight,resulting in the HUGE oil company profits. They have stolen hundreds of BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars in Iraq and we yawn. Nope. This is a setup. They have complete control over us a damn near a trillion dollars to pay private armies if our won’t shoot citizens. Think it over. If your hair ain’t on fire over this,you have asbestos hair.