Good by Cindy and thank you

OK. I know I’m a bit late with this post, but I had to say SOMETHING about Cindy Sheehan leaving as the face of the anti-war movement. Her letter of resignation was posted on Daily Kos on Memorial Day. Her letter basically said that after donating her time, her money, her marriage and her precious time away from her other son and two daughters, she was going home. She was brutalized by the GOP, the press, the rabid hate monger radio screamers,and even left-wing bloggers. She was ignored by the media, marginalized WHEN they did report on her,disappointed by the Democrats vote to keep the damn war going and used by other factions of the splintered anti-war movement. She baked in the Texas sun for weeks, spent her own money to buy five acres next to bush, endured the taunts of the local rednecks, was accused of urinating on her son’s grave, being hooked on porn, and purposely tearing her 29 year marriage apart.

She was a housewife,Sunday school teacher whose life was ripped apart by the death of her son Casey. Casey joined the Army to be a chaplain. That’s what he trained for, but was given a rifle and told to go kill people. He died trying.

There are two women we have to thank for waking America the hell up. One is Cindy. The other is Katrina. That hellish hurricane and the way the victims were treated woke us up to the fact that the “bushies” were incompetent morons hired because they were loyal not because they actually KNEW anything about the jobs they were hired to do. That kind of emboldened a cowed press and they started to finally report on things once in a while. I wonder if Katrina had happened FIRST, and Cindy second if things would be different now.

Cindy deserves her time now to put her life back together as best she can. We have a LOT to thank her for. She had the guts to say what NOone else dared to say. That bush is an evil and stupid man who doesn’t care a DAMN about what he does or the consequences. Now people say we have no leader. BS. YOU are your own leader. If we just sit around on our asses lapping up the crap on TV and do nothing to pick up the torch Cindy got burning so brightly, we deserve what we get. Thanks Cindy for all that you did and all you endured with so much dignity and grace. I hope your life is a long and happy one.