falwell goes stiff

Old jerry went stiff today. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really give a shit. This hateful piece of shit did for christianity what bush does for public speaking. HE said that I was responsible for 9/11. His rotting corpse can kiss my ass. HE said tinky winky teletubby is gay. He was fucking crazy and I think the world is a better place without his rotten mouth flapping it’s satanic puke. Maybe someday SOME real christian can repair the damage this slug and his butt-buddy robertson have done to a once loving and peaceful religion. Someday there may be a time where I open MY bible again, I put it away because of what THEY made of it, a hate-filled,anti-American document of hatred and bilious bile. I will NOT convey a phony hint of respect where there is none. Instead, I will offer the same amount of respect THEY offer ME. He hated me and ALL liberals with every beat of his black, rotten heart. He had a LOT more in common with osama bin slobbin than me. I wonder what toxic waste site will take his putrid old carcass. They can’t bury him, because even SATAN won’t accept him. When ye sew the wind, ye reap the whirlwind. Good riddance.

PS The above post reflects MY opinion and ONLY my opinion. I do NOT speak for Traci, Audrey KLAY or even Equal Time radio. Obviously the falwell creature elicits strong emotions from me, but again, the above is MY opinion……ONLY.