Ever heard of the Salton Sea?

This week on Equal Time, we spent some time with film maker Jeff Springer. He and his partner did a documentary on a body of water in southern California called the Salton Sea. About fifty miles south of Palm Springs, the Sea was created by a massive screw-up by business interests trying to cash in on irrigating the Imperial Vally for farming interests. Diverting water from the Colorado River seemed like a good idea at the time, and it worked out pretty good for a while until massive flooding and the inadvertent complete diversion of the river from it’s course left a thirty five mile long and fifteen mile wide desert inland sea. The river was eventually redirected to it’s original banks and the Sea became a wonderful recreation area. THEN a couple of hurricanes dumped a LOT of water into the sea causing it to flood the resort areas surrounding the sea. NOW the area languishes barely staying alive. Sounds bleak, don’t it?

The documentary is done in such a way that it not only informative, but delightfully entertaining. The people who still live in the small towns around the sea are free spirits in the purist sense. There are Hungarian revolutionaries, a nudist, a christian building a colorful adobe mountain dedicated to God, would-be developers and all sorts of great people.

Check out the website and watch for a screening near you. Or, better yet, go online and buy a copy. It’s the kind of piece you will want to share with others. I have watched it twice and will watch it again. It’s a great film get yours today.