Dr laura’s son as dead inside as she is

The story is a blog bomb. The son of Dr laura is deployed in Afghanistan. He apparently learned a LOT from his evil bitch mother. Like how to be a stone-cold,evil prick that causes the world to hate our guts. It’s come out that he has a website with juvenile and hideous drawings and pictures that can only be described as an example of how low the standards have fallen for military recruiters to meet their quotas. Yep the “expert” in family values really popped out a monster who delights in torture and death. Not to mention standing over helpless people laughing while they are being humiliated and tortured. Good job laura. Too bad you didn’t get a degree in psychology instead of physiology whatever the HELL that is.You did almost as good a job raising a sociopath as bar bush.Ever notice how the right-wing bloviators produce damaged children? It comes from the hollow, soulless,heartless way they see things. Maybe there will be some kind of court martial in deryc the a-hole’s future. One can only hope the military can get a grip on ambassadors of bad will that cause the world to hate our guts. As for the “good” “doctor”, SHE hate the families of the deployed soldiers as her ranting about military wives should just shut up and quit whining. GOD! What a BITCH!! She who raised a little bastard murderer. Thanks Dr Mengela.