Disasters,natural and bush

The F-5 tornado that struck…..flattened the town of Greensburg Kansas is only the beginning of this years storm season. Of course it took bush several days to make his photo-op. He was able to offer the prayers and concern of the whole country. Prayers…and concerns. I’ll bet the residents would rather have a few front loaders or a couple excavators than his bullshit prayers.Tony the tarbaby snow tried his damnedest to blame the DEMOCRATIC WOMAN Governor Kathleen Sebelius. BUT,unfortunately for tony the baloney, Governor Sebelius left a paper trail. The reich-wingers have tried their predictable best to smear the governor with their verbal ipecac. No matter WHAT they come up with, the fact remains that bush’s war of errors has drained our treasury, our military AND our ability to protect the country from ALL disasters, natural and bush caused.

UPDATE!! The governor of Florida is praying that his state gets hit by a hurricane to put out the wildfires raging in his state. Without the personnel or equipment to fight these fires, we are now dependent on the “lord” to bring down one disaster to quell another. It’s like moving into an infested house hoping the rats will eat the cockroaches. The Gov’s right. GAWD help us!