Come to Jesus GOPers tell bush

The bush imbeciles got an earful from the fearful. A group of “moderate” GOP electeds met with the mule-in-chief and his gang to tell him that his sloganeering with respect to Iraq is going to cause an electoral holocaust in ’08. George, dick,and condi’s butt-headed approach to Iraq is dragging the whole GOP down into the depths of polling hell like never before.

ONE of the “attendees” told bush that in several parts of his district, bush is polling at about five percent.

HAW HAW HAW!!! Jesus, no kiddin? Stay the course, oceans no longer protect us, fight them there so we don’t have to fight em here isn’t working anymore? What a bunch of “nervous nellies”.

Of COURSE tony the tarbaby snow won’t talk about it. ONE thing is clear. If bushcorp doesn’t RADICALLY change course SOON, there will be a Democratic tsunami in ’08.

Not that it would be a BAD thing, but I’m a liberal, I support the troops, I understand that these brave misused people are human beings who have families and I don’t want to make political gains on their graves.

Look, Tony Blair is going bye bye because HE followed bush over this cliff. At SOME point even the neo-tards have to realize that this jig is up. We’re on to ya stupid, ALL of us.Having tarbaby tony deny it, having “fux” news call us names, new slogans or appointing a “war czar” won’t buy bush enough time to pass his crap onto the next DEMOCRATIC president in ’09.

From this point forth, every flag draped coffin is directly the fault of the GOP. Every drop of blood, American OR Iraqi is on the hands of the PNAC pussies. The GOP KNOWS this thing is pointless. They KNOW bush/cheney don’t give a DAMN about this country, the military and NOW they know that they don’t even give a shit about winning the next election. It’s all about the PSAs (Profit Sharing Agreements) big oil wants…PERIOD! We KNOW bushcorp are traitors to the country. But they are selling out their OWN party….for MONEY. GAWD!

What a gang of reptiles.