Bill Moyers shines a light on the cowed media

Bill Moyers is my hero. He does what used to be known in journalism as journalism. His new PBS special demonstrates that we WEREN’T crazy. The media and the administration WERE in collusion to push this insane Iraqi war down our throats. Honest to God, I thought I was some kind of idiot or overly cynical and paranoid as the bushcorp was pushing to invade Iraq no matter what. On Equal Time right before the war launched we even interviewed General John Shalikashvili and HE was saying that we should be VERY careful to make SURE we had our facts straight before we did anything like invade a sovereign nation. I always thought he knew something that even HE couldn’t say in public, and that HE was very skeptical about doing this. As it turns out I was right, HE was right and we WERE duped by a cowed and complicit media into thinking that bushcorp MUST know something WE didn’t because NOBODY would LIE about a thing like that……RIGHT? Wrong.

Two reporters from the news agency then known as Knight Ridder were the only reporters actually looking into claims by the administration and finding that they were either just very wrong, OR they were lying. NOBODY carried their stories, just crap from the New York Times that Judith Miller was lying about. From cheney’s evil, cold lips to Miller’s byline. We were had.

Check out the piece here. it’s worth the time,trust me.