Ashcroft, you vill sign ze papers

I think most of us who have been paying attention remember the incident where Ashcroft was pressured to sign off on the illegal wiretapping while he was in intensive care following gall bladder surgery back in 2004.But this week former deputy attorney general James Comey told the whole story and it was FAR more chilling than any of us realized at the time. His dramatic testimony drew a hush as he recounted how sleazy gonzalas and Andy Card marched into Ashcroft’s intensive care room and demanded he give the DOJ’s approval of their evil scheme. The whole Justice department was shocked at what bushcorp was doing and how far they were willing to go to put lipstick on this ugly pig. (WIRETAPPING, NOT Ashcroft)

We have always, well ALMOST always been a nation of laws, that’s what has historically separated us from tin-horn despotic third-world countries. The warrant less wiretapping was so blatantly illegal that even ASHCROFT couldn’t make that eagle soar. So bush and his henchmen made it so themselves,despite about half the Justice Department threatening to resign. Oh well, whatever georgie wants, georgie gets. God only knows who they have been spying on. Could it be Democrats, members of his own party, the DOJ, YOU??!One thing is certain. Sleazy gonzales is the AG, they can spy on you, take your house, render you, torture and execute you, all without a trial, representation or due process and in secrete. So who is the greater threat? The terrsts, or the administration. YOU vill sign ze papers.