ANOTHER one bites the dust

Deputy AG Paul Mcnulty resigned today. He claims that having two collage age kids led him to leave a prestigious job with the DOJ. Sure, he wants to spend more time with his family. He wants to cash in on his resume. Sure. Of course we are supposed to believe his resignation has nothing to do with his testimony that sleezy gonzales lied when he said the firings of the prosecutors was NOT political and that Al had NO idea why they were fired and that karl the cheater had NO say in the matter. I think I see a pattern here. The career prosecutors are leaving the DOJ in droves because gonzo is appointing snot-nose thirty-something evangelicals with no experience to high positions, the aforementioned snot-noses are thumping their bibles and running the offices with an iron crucifix. By the time it comes around to prosecuting rove et al, there won’t be any real lawyers LEFT! Just zealous sycophants. Good plan.