I have held off writing anything on the murders at Virginia Tech. Mostly because all I could come up with is God DAMMIT!!! Let me begin by saying that we here at Equal Time Radio are stunned by yesterdays shootings. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families. Words can not describe how we feel and we can’t imagine how all these innocent people will cope with their loss.

I am pissed. Just a couple weeks ago we did a show on protection orders after a beautiful young woman at the University of Washington was shot to death in a murder/suicide. She did everything she was supposed to. She was being stalked and threatened by a psycho ex-boyfriend. She got a protection order, she plastered this bastards picture all over the place and informed campus security of what was going on. After a murder/suicide at UW in 2000, procedures were adopted, but in this case were not implemented. As a result, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her is dead. Her family and friends mourn. God DAMMIT!!!

Preliminary reports of that sickening morning in Virginia said that the first murders were thought to be a “domestic dispute”. Some dispute, two dead kids. Campus security decided that the best course of action was to deal with a double murder themselves. Barney Fife would know better than that. Neither the local,county or state police were called. TWO GOD DAMN hours LATER, they decided to notify the student body via EMAIL, that there was a vicious killer loose on the campus. No lock-down, no nothin. Those kids were sitting ducks without a chance to decide whether they should take cover, or go to class and take their chances. GOD DAMMIT!! When the cops FINALLY got there, they stayed outside hiding behind their cars till the gunshots stopped.

The kid who murdered these poor innocent kids was throwing up red flags that a blind person could see. His English prof was “freaked out” by the dark, violent stuff he was writing. SHE tried to get him the help she knew he needed. They ignored her. Other teachers said he was the loneliest person they had ever seen in their life. “He was a loner”, he was caught stalking girls and setting fires in his dorm room. They KNEW he had issues, they did NOTHING. GOD DAMMIT!!! He threatened suicide. NOBODY ever came to visit him. He was twisted. People picked on him.Made fun of him. He had an imaginary girlfriend.

Hindsight is twenty twenty. BUT TWO shooting deaths in less than three weeks at universities. In BOTH cases, campus security dropped the ball. The president of Virginia Tech should be fired NOW!! He is rolling out excuses for himself and HIS security department like a beer barrel in bush’s dorm. BUSHs’ mouthpiece came out on the podium and the FIRST DAMN message from the Whitehouse is that they believe Americans have a right to own a gun.PATHETIC!!. Pander first, pray second, act to prevent this shit from happening again? NEVER. The owner of the gunshop where this ticking time bomb bought the murder weapon did nothing wrong or illegal by selling this Glock to this twisted kid. BUT he has to try to sleep at night knowing HE played a part in the worst shooting rampage in American history.

Where do we go from here? I’ll leave that up to people smarter than me.(Not a terribly exclusive club) Just remember that the people who made the decisions that precipitated in Monday’s murder were PHDs. We learned NOTHING from the last ten highschool and collage shootings. Collage administrators are more concerned with their reputation than student safety. VT will now be stained as the collage where the worst shooting in US history happened. They have a LOT in common with the gun shop owner. They did nothing illegal, but this asshole president of VT now has to try and sleep at night knowing HIS actions, or lack thereof caused the deaths of thirty three people. GOD DAMMITTT!