Troops at Ft Irwin silent as Bush uses his best stuff. THEY get it!

In yet ANOTHER attempt to use our military as a political prop, bush got a silent response from the troops at Ft Irwin California Wednesday. He used all his best material like “oceans no longer protect us” ” I saw a threat in Saddam”, ” If a country aids the terrsts, they are just as guilty as the terrsts”. ALL of these snappy applause lines were met with silence. Not a cricket chirping not nothin. I heard the remarkable response on Thursdays edition of the Randi Rhodes show, and NOwhere else!

It turns out that Ft Irwin is a desert training center where NO desert training is happening. Instead, this article in shows that hundreds of injured soldiers are living in tents and being declared “deployable”. People with un-healed injuries and even pregnant females are being shipped out whether they are a danger to their units or not.

So, who supports the troops? The chickenhawk suit-wearin creeps on the right? Or those of us who want them home? The question is, how can you support the war, and claim to support the troops? The soldiers at Ft Irwin can’t speak out publicly, the ONLY way they can express their contempt and disgust with their”commander in chief” is through their silence. I have a great deal of respect for our troops in general, but my heart swells with pride for these brave, silent warriors.