The bushification of OUR government

We first learned about it during the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Then,while we were still terrified from 9/11 and the vast roveian propaganda machine,we slept fitfully as rummy fired Generals who told him he needed massive force and an exit strategy. THEN we found out that there were private contractors raking in BILLIONS by screwing Uncle Sam like a prom date. Although I have always been suspicious of these corporate thieves running our government, it started becoming very clear that the deck was being stacked.

NOW we are finding (thanks to DEMOCRATS holding hearings) that there is more to this than just good old fashion cronyism. The CIA director bush chose was Porter Goss, an old flunky who purged the most effective,vast intelligence gathering apparatus on earth of it’s most senior analysts and case officers, in order to install the “right” people. People who would politicize assets and reports to further bush/cheneys political and business policies. Some in the military call the CIA “christians in action”. The sycophants who now control our military and intell agencies are willing to die and KILL for bush…personally. They have NO problem lying about friendly-fire incidents, (Pat Tillman) or turning a little clerk (Jessica Lynch) into a Rambo/GI Jane if it sells better to the sheep in their party and the media.

Now the “Albertross” around bush’s neck. We have learned (once again because of DEMOCRATIC hearings) that sleazy gonzalez blames his “senior staff” for firing the eight US attorneys. It also came to light that by “senior staff” he means thirty-something graduates of the Pat robertson law school and bible store. His chief of staff is a morman kid who has never tried a case, much less actually MANAGED anything. The ONE thing that assures job security is loyalty….. to BUSH. Period. There are over 150 graduates of robertson’s indoctrination camps working for the DOJ. There is one who has been appointed US attorney who stomps around the office spouting bible verses. Her management style is SO abrasive ind incompetent that career government prosecutors are leaving in droves.

From the fools that were hired to rebuild Iraq after the war,they were asked if they voted for bush and if they were anti-choice, they weren’t required to have a working knowledge of the actual JOB they would be doing, just if they supported bush. The FBI and the rest of the “justice” department who are supposed to keep us safe at night are being ran by evangelical wacko “bushies”. Feel safe?

I remember in ’02 reading a list on the air of mining,timber,petro/chemical lobbyists installed in the EPA, the defense contractors installed in government jobs in the Pentagon and of course the “office of faith-based programs” to pay off the fundamentalists. But now we find that not only are the most important functions of our government being stacked with incompetent christian supremacists, the most experienced people who actually know how to do the jobs are leaving in disgust. The VT murders have taken the spotlight off of gonzales … for NOW. BUT the Dems have to do their best to keep us focused on what has happened to our government. WE, at Equal Time will, but we are but a small voice in the vast right-wing media blitz. I say this with the best intention. STAY FOCUSED AND PAY ATTENTION!!!! Our country is at stake!