Some say

Krazy Katie Couric interviewed The Edwards last week on the once respectable 60 Minutes. Some say perky Katie went a bit overboard with her reich-wing tactic of using the strawman also known as the “some say” treatment. “Senator Edwards, SOME SAY you are putting work over your family, now that Your wife’s cancer has come back”. The Edwards were of course tolerant and answered patiently as perky katie continued her some-say barrage. This whole rovian technique got me to thinking about some “some says” of my own.

Katie, SOME SAY that you and your producer have caused CBS news ratings to plummet. Some say that her “free speech” segments with limpballs a hannity have eliminated ANY credibility CBS news may have had left. SOME SAY that while your husband was dying of colon cancer, YOU stayed on at the TODAY show trying to milk ratings upon his untimely death. SOME SAY that your on-air colonoscopy was a desperate attempt to grab ratings. Some say you, katie are a right-wing TOOL and a WORSE hypocrite than the meth-preacher, because YOU make more money than he did.

While we’re at it, here’s some MORE some-says that could be launched at bushcorp, who slams strawmen at will. Some say that bush/cheney used lies and made-up intell to attack a country that A) couldn’t defend itself, and B) was NO threat to us. (that strawman would be the CIA, DIA and the REST of our intell machine) SOME SAY that bushcorp won’t listen to what the VAST majority of the American people want as regards the Iraq mess, and won’t even listen to his Generals. (THIS strawman is virtually EVERY poll and the exodus of top generals from every service) Some say that bushcorp is causing career professionals to leave government service in DROVES and replacing them with crony-hires of “bushies” with little experience in EVERY sector of government. ( This strawman is articles FINALLY beginning to appear in news outlets across the country) SOME say that the bush-picked Attorney General is a liar and probably committed perjury and possibly obstruction of justice. ( Senate testimony and interviews on TV AND reich-wing radio)

Oh, there’s MORE, MUCH more. If you have any “some-says” of your own, please leave them in the comment section. I think you may notice a difference between OUR some-says, and THEIR some says. OURS are based on FACT, NOT RNC talking points. Have fun, and some-say your heart out.