Retired Major General Paul Eaton to appear on this weeks Equal Time

This week, we are honored to host Major General (USA-Ret) Paul Eaton on Equal Time. General Eaton refused a third star and retired in order to speak out about the conduct of the war from the perspective of a commander in charge of training the Iraqi Army. And speak out he did. Read this op-ed and you get a feel of the frustration he experienced serving under rummy. Further examples of his attempts to get his message out can be seen here, and here.

We plan on asking the General about his background, his experiences in Iraq, what it’s like to serve under a DOD headed by rummy, what other Sec Defs were like and who he thinks supports the military more effectively, Dems or the GOPers. We would also like to know, from HIS perspective, how and why we are where we are and how we should proceed from here. It should be an interesting hour.

General Eaton is the third General I have interviewed. I have had good luck with Generals. Two Generals and not a punk in the bunch. By the way, the other two Generals I have interviewed are LT General (three star-Ret) Bill Harrison former commander of Fort Lewis. And a guy who served under him at the time and went on to become a five star and Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff, John Shalikashvili.