Orin Hatch goes koo koo nuts on Meet the Press

Orin the mormon went ballistic on Meet the Press, spinning like whirling dervish in his attempt to put lipstick on the gonzo scandal.It was a thing to behold. If you couldn’t watch the whole show, you can see it here. LOL!! The Nut Hatch was damn near crying wailing that it was impossible for Gonzales to lie when clips from the Judicial committee hearings were played, he stomped his feet and interrupted Sen Lehey when Al’s resigned in disgrace FORMER chief of staff testified that AG’s statements were “inaccurate”. He said they were everything BUT a lie. LOL!!! The cornered little creep MUST have been wearing an astronaut diaper or something. But Hatch was steadfast in his unwavering support of the LIAR General. I wish I had HD TV because the shade of red on Hatch’s face wasn’t done justice on my set.

On March 26th, the moron general did an……..interesting interview with Brian Williams,again, on NBC “news”. Poor old gonz, I damn near felt sorry for him. As you can see, in about a minute and a half, he lies, lies about lying, and then tells the truth and then lies again. He basically says that he had NOTHING to DO with the firings, says he knows EXACTLY why they were fired, THEN says someone ELSE did it. God help us.

bushcorp is BEST known for appointing cronies without experience, just loyalty to VERY important posts in OUR government,Al is NO exception. I would offer that a moron who can’t complete ONE GOD DAMN sentence without contradicting himself is NOT capable of serving as a COFFEE boy in the DOJ, much less as it’s leader.

NOW the Monica of the bush-boys is trying to plead the fifth Amendment in order to dodge testifying at the Senate hearings. Of course she is a graduate of Pat Robertson’s law school. She must have had cramps the day they went over the constitution. I’ll bet she was in class the day they went over revelations. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF LAW SCHOOL DOESN’T EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT OF SELF-INCRIMINATION????? The disturbing thing about Ms Goodling’s “education” is that there are ONE HUNDRED FIFTY OTHER graduates from Regents “law school” within the bushcorp administration. Knowing that, are you MORE or LESS inclined to sleep at night. These neo-tard “lawyers” are standing the walls at night keeping us safe. JESUS. I need more plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Gonzo is an “albetross” around bush’s neck, and there are VERY few who don’t recognize it, NutHatch being ONE. I, as an American citizen, want to know what the HELL else has been going on at the DOJ. Christ, just in the last few weeks it has come to light that the FBI is running amok spying on people AGAINST the law, rove is PERSONALLY picking US attorneys based on electoral politics, the AG is making “inaccurate statements”….. mis-spoken…….contradictory statements…….. LYING like a twelve year-old with someone else’s bike.

As of January 4th, adults are back in charge. It’s about God damn time the people started waking up. I can’t WAIT till rove gets his pasty white, fat ass grilled in front of the “kleig lights”. The fact that bush is SCREAMING against haveing him testify under oath speaks volumes. heh heh heh